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Tips on How to Build a Diversified Portfolio

By Vivian Atud   Diversify and improve your success when investing. Many investors just want to make money from their investment. This is a great incentive because it causes you to be willing to risk your hard earned money in hopes of getting returns. In the investment world, all experienced investors know that the type of investments you make will […]

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Exchange Traded Funds

  What are Exchange Traded Funds? Exchange Traded Funds, also called ETFs, are comparatively new entrants to the investing world. ETFs were introduced in the 1990s, and trade on exchanges like individual stocks do. However, they track an underlying investment that could be comprised of stocks, bonds or other financial instruments. One way to think of them is that they […]

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Billionaire steel tycoon is spreading his wealth

STEEL tycoon Eric Samson was ready to finish the job. At a tense board meeting of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund last year, members grappled with how to complete construction on its flagship hospital in Johannesburg. The building is backed by Samson, a friend of the late president, and was behind schedule and short of cash. “We thought we should […]

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