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The South African Public Sector Now Consumes 40.6 % of Gross National Revenue in Public Sector Wage Bill.

By Sunburst Staff Johannesburg – Sunburst Africa –The south African public sector now employs 23.3 percent ( 2, 161,000) people out of the close to 9,000,000 non-farm formal sector employees- according to  Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) annual report. This is more than double what it was in 2005- a decade ago. One may argue that the government is creating […]

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The MPC keeps Repo Rate Unchanged- What does this mean for ordinary consumers?

Following the announcement that the South African Reserve Bank has unanimously decided to keep the repo rate on hold – at 5.75% due to the lower trajectory of headline inflation and continued weak state of the economy, many south African are grappling with what this means for them and their consumption. Let me start by introducing my readers to the […]

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