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The Current SA Tax base and economic climate pose risks and opportunities for government finance.

Currently, the South African government gets a huge proportion of its revenue from taxes. For example, in the 2014/2015 financial year, 87% of the 1, 2 trillion government revenue came from taxes alone. The economy is in a technical recession and unemployment is at its highest levels since the 2008/09 downturn with over 9,5million people unemployed. Indications from SARS are […]

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Nene’s Gift to Investors 

By Vivian Atud Johannesburg —Sunburst Africa–Investors sat on their hands awaiting the Minister of Finance’s budget speech at 2:00pm yesterday. Indeed he entered parliament like Father Christmas giving presents to all investors. You may be wondering where I am heading to with this. You may not even agree with me. Make no mistake, if you are an investor or a […]

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