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Rising Output in Platinum a Blessing and a Curse to SA Platinum Sector

While increasing production sounds like a great thing for most companies as it reflects proper utilization of resources and output maximization, it may not always be good for all stakeholders. South Africa is faced with an enormous rising costs, labour unrest and weak metal prices that has pushed South Africa‚Äôs platinum mining companies into radical restructuring, however, they are yet […]

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South African Market Review Quarter 1

By Vivian Atud   Johannesburg– Sunburst Africa–During the first quarter of 2015, SOUTH AFRICAN stock markets were buffeted by two substantial shocks. One may argue that the impact of these factors will continue into the second quarter. The all-share index lost 2.59 percent in the last 30 days of the first quarter and the trend may continue into the second […]

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