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Are you an individual an independent investor or trader in search of relevant, reliable investment advice? Do you believe that the power is in your hands to make the best out of your hard earned money? Do you want to pave your own path to profits, but first you need to arm yourself with state-of-the-art tools, a powerful skill set, and an unequivocal understanding of the markets.

Sunburst Africa can help you

We are founded on our principle that “they that claim to be wise became fools”. Our goal is to transform the way individuals view investing and the stock market. We focus on empowering individuals with a passion for investing and trading to know more and invest smartly. Guided by the belief of “know more, invest smartly”, we carefully analyse financial markets and bring information at the comfort of your home or office that can make you a better investor. We believe that for too long many African’s still don’t understand what the stock market is all about. We are in the business of transforming and empowering minds and changing the financial future of ordinary Africans.

Our Purpose

Changing the way we invest in Africa- one investor at a time! We believe in the principle of the seed- investment for the long term.


Hard work– faith without works is death

Renew our minds daily– we research the market day and night to improve our advice

Unity– Working together in unity with all team members brings out the best in us

Respect- Respect for investors and our team

Love knowledge– the more we know, the better our advice

Honesty and integrity- we believe in doing all our work with honesty and integrity

Patience- Being patient with ourselves and our clients as we transform the investment sector in Africa- one investor at a time


What we do

Sunburst Africa is a division of Atud and Associates- an Authorised Financial Service Provider with focus on educating and empowering individual investors to invest better. Our various online and multimedia service both free and subscription based is tailored to meet individual investor needs. We offer the following services

Investor education

Free and paid investor education programs aimed at changing mindsets about stocks and investing. Our educational services include: webinars, workshops, conferences, and educational talks on media, schools and other institutions.  We believe in changing the way we see the stock market- one investor at a time

Latest news: local and global news updates

We inform our investor community with latest news and both within the African continent and globally. If anything is happening that can affect the way you invest- we will let you know. We believe in our principle of “know more- invest better”.

Top articles:

Our top articles – free and subscriber based articles on investing and stocks are aimed at guiding our investors and readers on various segments of the financial markets. These articles are aimed informing our investors and helping them make better decisions.

Premium services

Mid Cap Champions

Our midcap champions is a dedicated monthly newsletter focus on analyzing mid-cap companies in Africa and recommending  investment opportunities to our subscribers.  Our team of researcher will look at both public and private information about these stocks and inform our readers on winners and long term investment opportunities.

Stocks under R100

Our stocks under R100 investment service have only one purpose—to alert you to deeply undervalued stocks with tremendous growth potential.

We’ve made it our life’s work to help investors like you build lasting wealth by investing in only the very best small company stocks. And these companies, which are overlooked by much of JSE analyst, have the real potential to break out and double or even triple your money!

 Dividend and income stocks

Our dividend and income stock advisor is focused on investors who are looking out for high dividend germs. Our team identifies these stocks and helps you invest your money in high dividend stocks at minimal costs. Our dividend and income stock newsletter is aimed at helping our readers chose the best dividend stocks.

Dividend investing is an excellent strategy to receive income from your investments or to grow your wealth. Dividends are regular cash payments that a company sends to its investors. You can receive dividends as income, or you can instruct the company or your broker to reinvest your dividends in additional shares of stock.

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