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Better Water levels: Integrated Vaal River System water levels is now 84% up from 80% the past Two Weeks



According to the water and Sanitation Department, the IVRS water levels remain stable this week.

The Integrated Vaal River System (IVRS) water levels are stable this week after they remained above 80% for the past two weeks. The system is currently sitting at 84.0% while it hovered at 84.5% last week. In the preceding year at the same time, the System was floating at 60.4%.

The IVRS, which consists of 14 dams, is the lifeblood of Gauteng’s economy and also supplies Sasol and Eskom with water.

Slightly down this week, the Vaal Dam has decreased by 0.7% to 87.9% this week from 88.6% last week. This still compares much better than at the same time last year when the dam was sitting at 38.1%.

The Grootdraai Dam has declined this week, recording a fall of 0.6% from 79.9% last week to 79.3% this week. Contrasted with last year’s levels during the same time, the Dam is slightly better than the 79.1% it was at.

Similarly, on the downturn, this week is Bloemhof Dam which has fallen by 0.4% from 105.6% last week to 105.2% this week. In the preceding year at the same time, the Bloemhof Dam was at 96.8%.

The Katse Dam has decreased slightly this week has been at 65.7% last week. This week the Katse Dam is sitting at 65.5%, recording a decrease of 0.2%. At the same time last year, the Katse Dam was at 27.5%.

The Sterkfontein Dam has recorded a minor increase to 100,6% this week from 100.6% last week. Last year during the same time the Sterkfontein Dam was sitting at 93.9%.

The Department of Water and Sanitation in Gauteng urges the public to monitor their water use and ensure that the available water is used wisely and in a conservative manner to ensure the security of supply for the benefit of all.


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