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Biden Sill in Denial of the Failed U.S. Mission and Exit from Afghanistan



The U.S. president Joe Biden in a press conference on Monday, as expected offered a defiant defense of his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan as he addressed the nation and the US media despite the current crisis in Afghanistan caused by U.S. exit that is visible to the whole world. However, Biden in his address  acknowledged the “far from perfect” calamity that has become one of the biggest crises of his presidency.

“I stand squarely behind my decision,” Biden said Monday as he addressed the nation from the East Room of the White House. “After 20 years, I’ve learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw U.S. forces.”

What becomes of Afghanistan in the coming weeks, months or years is anyones guess and the massive humanitarian issues caused and migration problems will continue to unfold.


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