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Can this Prophecy about Unit Six of Medupi Power Station be True?



By Vivian Atud

If you are a believer in God like I am then you will know that there is a principle when it concerns prophecy- get confirmation, test the prophecy and so on. You might be wondering how this relate to Medupi- yes it does because it is hard to believe anything said about Medupi at this point in time. We have all been witnesses to this power plant’s budgets going over hundreds of percentages above target. We have heard before that certain units of the plant are ready and will be added to the national grid. If memories serves me right- none of these promises have been realized. We have rather had increased power cuts and more explanations from Eskom on why they could not fulfill the promises. The most recent and failed promise was that the Unit six of the Medupi Power Plant will go live in December 2014. Let me tell you about the new prophecy.

“Unit Six of the Medupi power station – which was scheduled to go live in December 2014– will be synchronised by mid-February 2015”. Sources close to the site said. However, the sources indicated that, the prophecy must be taken with caution as unforeseen problems may result.

Medupi, which started construction in 2007, was first set to come online in mid-2013, after a number of technical, labour and manufacturing issues hampered progress. South Africa still awaits this giant coal power plant to come online and reduce the energy crisis.

Eskom had initially set a deadline for one of the units of the much-delayed Medupi power plant to come online by 24 December – offering an additional 800MW to the national grid – but the plan was once again postponed. There is a new prophecy that unit six of the Medupi power station will go live by mid-February.

As mid- February is only a few weeks away we will continue to watch and pray that Eskom will not fail us this time around and it will ensure that Unit Six of the Medupi power plant actually goes live by Mid-February. This will give some confidence to both the business and individual consumers as they do not know what to believe in from Eskom in recent history.

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  1. Gregory Harris

    January 24, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I know you desire a new power supply, but coal is a terrible source as it is highly pollutive in the mining, processing and burning to generate steam. I hope you find a better fuel source, such as elephant grass, wood pellets or any sustainable fuel source. Cheap energy comes at a high global impact price.

    • Vivian Atud

      January 24, 2015 at 11:21 am

      You are right Greg, but in my view that is a long term plan. for the short term we need to get the current supply working.

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