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The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:10- The duller the ax the more the muscle- use your head.


This wisdom shared by Solomon thousands of years ago is still relevant in Africa and the world today as it was in the days of Solomon


Could it be that we use lots of muscle and waste lots of time in trying to solve various problems in economics, health, education, manufacturing governance, family, environment, communities, in businesses, the churches, and other sectors of society because our ax are dull or blunt?

Could it be that we don’t even know how to use our heads in the ways that will move our nations and continent forward?

How did it happen that a continent that holds huge reserves of the world’s natural resources, have good arable land, have an energetic youthful population that can work still ends up seeing Africans suffering in the nations of their birth or migrating oversee?

Before we were being sold as slaves, today circumstances continue to force sons and daughters of Africa to risks their lives crossing rivers, seas, deserts all in search of a better life in the land of our colonizers and slave masters?

How did it happen that the land that was once sort after by the world is the same land whose children find no peace, limited security, lack of food, and no quality education for most citizens, no quality and affordable healthcare, no opportunities to realise their dreams. The dream of freedom from colonialism and apartheid and the ideal of a prosperous life for all Africans is still a far fetched dream for many.

Here at Common Sense Africa, we analyse various economic, health, education, governance, family and other issues in Africa from a Common Sense Perspective. We make suggestions on the state of the Ax in various sectors, how to sharpen the ax and move the development agenda of Africa forward.




How did it happen that after over 60 years of the so-called independence in most African states, our governments battling with governance, social issues and other problems? We are still called unquestionably one of the poorest continent in the world, we still battle with diseases that have been eliminated in most parts of the world, our children are still malnourished, women  and young girls raped, social imbalances and the African ideal of Ubuntu thrown out of the window, corruption in public and private sector now becoming a lifestyle.


The dreams and aspirations of many Africans are yet to be realized?


On common sense Africa. We do research on topical issues that can generate common sense that can move Africa forward in all sectors. We engage private sector, civil society, government, academia, and all relevant stakeholders to generate Common sense and living words and actions that can move our continent forward and deliver a better,  just and equitable life  talking on of these topics a week from a common to all Africans irrespective of gender, age, race, ethnicity etc. We believe in an African Dream of a United, prosperous just and thriving Africa whose sons and daughters choose to stay in cities or villages or anywhere else on the continent not because of economic circumstances but because that is where they can add the most value to the community and nation. We believe in an African ideal of African’s resources being optimized to benefit all its citizens and Africans returning home to be part of the development of their homelands. All this is possible if we choose to relook at our “axe and use our heads”.


Welcome to “Common Sense Africa”.

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