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Dear Student & Graduate,

If you look around and see what’s happening in the world today, you will understand that today is the day you needed to do something in preparation for tomorrow with or without, creating opportunities for the growth and expansion of our economy. All around the world, economies and education system have been affected and taken aback resulting in low income, unemployment and slow pace of learning due to the pandemic. Standard of living on the other hand has become more expensive. Many are devastated and disturbed hence becoming so difficult to survive. The number of job seekers is increasing as many companies have been closed with others operating from their comfort homes placing a limit on hiring.

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The academic year was affected making studying and exams so stressful. This is an indication that there should be a readiness in every minute that counts and make use of a little time to study extra hard as a student. Just some time back, there were plans which were implemented to be achieved in a particular time. For examples, others planned to start varsity this year, others planned to be graduating this year, find a job and become independent while others planned to go back to school and further their studies but non-of us ever thought time will get hold of everything even though we know it has always been a master and to think a time as this will come is to never waste time. The passing of time is a non-stop and to keep up with it, one should act before it clocks, it’s too late. There are seasons that we can’t change but can have control over through understanding and the ability to do. Ability to take advantage and bring out a positive attitude.

There are so many things you can do as a student to raise money for school in preparation for 2021. Same applies to you as a graduate looking for a job, waiting to find one will only waste a lot of your time and increase the rate of unemployment. If you put your mind to work, there is so much you can do and achieve at once. Many businesses today have survived and succeeded taking their businesses online. Technology has made things easier and as young people, this is something you could take advantage of by coming up with a business of your choice you would like to do. You can start up an online clothing, learning tutorials, dancing and singing tutorials or if you have graduated in Engineering, Accounting, Teaching, medicine and to mention but a few, why don’t you create a profile and advertise your services. It doesn’t cost a lot, like you spend your data on social media for social benefits so is how you could use your time and data on something productive, something that will help you, something that will bring income.

In the world where there is so much uncertainty and intensity is a force getting hard a life to live and if you don’t make up your mind to do something that will bring income and pay your fees and bills, instability will come in and life will become even harder. There’s nothing greater than working hard to live a successful life. Create your own opportunities to achieve your goals today to enjoy a successful tomorrow.

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1 Comment

  1. Alinani

    December 12, 2020 at 11:31 am

    Together we can change.

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