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South Africa

Expect Moderate Increase in Tourism Accommodation Report Later Today: This Weeks Statistics Publication Schedule in South Africa



Tourist accommodation, June 202123 August 2021 (Monday)10:00

Land transport survey, June 202123 August 2021 (Monday)11:30

Food and beverages, June 202123 August 2021 (Monday)13:00

Statistics of Liquidations and insolvencies, July 202123 August 2021 (Monday)14:30

Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS), 2nd Quarter 202124 August 2021 (Tuesday)11:30

Benchmarked and rebased estimates of Gross Domestic Product , 202125 August 2021 (Wednesday)11:30

Building Statistics, 201925 August 2021 (Wednesday)14:30    

Producer Price Index (PPI), July 202126 August 2021 (Thursday)11:30

Construction Materials Price Indices , July 202126 August 2021 (Thursday)12:00    


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