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It is time for Covid Vaccines Equity as Africa’s Low-Immunity Population Raises Covid Variant Risk



While the rest of the advanced world enjoys high rates of vaccinations and immunity against Covid-19, in Africa the rate of vaccination is as low low as 1% in certain countries. the problem is made worst by the large number of people in Africa with a weakened immune system that makes it ripe for the development of Covid-19 variants, the head of a South African genomics institute said.

The study of an individual with advanced HIV and limited adherence to anti-retroviral treatment showed that a Covid-19 infection persisted for more than 200 days and “multimutational escape variants” developed, Tulio de Oliveira, the head of the institute said.

It is time for the world to advance vaccine equity and immunisation of Africans to ensure that the efforts against Covid-19 are sustainable globally.


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