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South Africa Burns. This is Beyond Anger Over Zuma Arrest



  • Almost every part of Durban was thrown into chaos on Monday. 
  • Looting and violence played out as authorities struggled to cope. 
  • Thousands targeted shopping centres and malls to steal items. 

eThekwini was thrown into chaos on Monday as looters and other criminals took over the main parts of the city.

The unrest, which began last Thursday, follows the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma, who was found guilty of contempt of court.

The city was steeped in chaos by Sunday evening as many went to sleep with the sound of stun grenades and gunshots ringing out through the city.

Come Monday, looting was happening in almost every shopping centre and mall.

The scenes on Monday appeared to overwhelm both Durban’s Metro Police and the SA Police Service.

The first of many incidents we observed was in the vicinity of Mount Edgecombe, where a car was set alight.

The sedan, a Mazda, was parked in the emergency lane of the road, with no one in sight.

This was a familiar sight throughout the day as many essential services officials had to quickly leave scenes due to consistent violence throughout Durban.

Deeper into Phoenix, north of the city, there was yet another burning car, this time with Metro Police in sight.

Thousands lined up, not just on foot, but also brought their vehicles, in which they loaded various items from the newly built Makro.

Further north in Verulam, a Check Save was looted, with debris strewn on the road and some looters trying to scrounge whatever they could from the near empty store.

Not far from the store, a local butchery was also looted, with a number of cars in flames in the area.

In KwaMashu, overnight looting continued well into the day at Bridge City Mall.

Police officials dispersed a large crowd in the morning, but, a few minutes later, a throng of people casually strolled in an out of the mall, many with boxes and packets to carry stolen goods.

Umlazi, south of the city, was also chaotic, with the Mega City Mall completely ransacked.

Some roads were also blocked off.

Umgeni Road, closer to Durban Central, was also a point of chaos as looters made their way to Makro and helped themselves to various items.


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