Free Higher Education for the Poor is the Right Thing to do in South Africa.

free education

Following the announcement in December 2017 by President Jacob Zuma, that the state will fund higher education for young South Africans from poor households, there has been an outpouring of opposition from all quarters. Amongst those who oppose such a move are the private sector, some media analyst, higher education institutions, civil society organisations among others. Over the past weeks, […]

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Why Capital Flows into South Africa slowed in Fourth Quarter of 2014

By Vivian Atud What: According to the Reserve Bank’s Quarterly bulletin released earlier today- Tuesday March 17th 2015, capital into South Africa Slowed in fourth quarter as a proportion of GDP. The figures showed capital flows slowing down to 2.4 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or R23.3 billion from 6.1%, or R58.3bn, in the third quarter, the report showed […]

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