The argument that Ramaphosa’s Cabinet appointments shows that he keeps his friends close and his enemies closer is one-sided


While many analysis believe the appointing of supposedly business friendly and some of President Ramaphosa’s backers to the new cabinet and leaving some of Zuma’s loyalist is one-sided for a number of reasons.

Ramaphosa was brought into ANC VP position by former president Zuma and I don’t know if that makes him a Zuma enemy or Loyalist. He has worked with Zuma and most of these so-called Zuma loyalist for the past years.

Secondly, some of the so-called Ramaphosa loyalists have previously been loyalist of Zuma.

Thirdly, all appointed members of the new cabinet have to rally behind the new ANC mandate and in politics there are no permanent frie3nds and no permanent enemies.

While there is a difference in moral standards in my view between President Ramaphosa and former President Zuma, they are all ANC politicians and will in performing their duties ensure that they protect, grow and preserve the ANC. It is always easy for outsiders to make conclusions about who is enemy to who, however, if they belong to the same political party, they will always have common grounds.

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