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The World is Still Not Out of the Woods: Global Covid-19 Cases Near 40 Million and Counting



The World is Still Not Out of the Woods: Global Covid-19 Cases Near 40 Million and Counting

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As at 17/10/2020 the global coronavirus cases are nearing the 40 million mark, with rise  infections across Europe and in the  U.S.. In  India the new daily  average is now more than 50,000. In South Africa, on October 17th/2020, the cumulative number of detected COVID-19 cases is 702 131 with 1 928 new cases identified since the last report. The SA minister of Health and His wife also tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend and in isolation at home. 

There is a renewed together restriction on movement on millions of Europeans.For example in  London and Paris  are enforcing tighter curbs and Slovakia plans to test the entire nation while in the Chinese port city of Qingdao the whole city of over 10 million people were tested in just about five days following a new outbreak. 

It is reported by official sources that China’s economic recovery has accelerated, this has been supported by China’s aggressive containment of Covid-19 that has allowed factories to quickly reopen. In the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said talks with the White House need to make progress in the coming days if  the US President, Donald Trump wants to see another stimulus bill before the U.S. election.

Key Global Covid-19 Updates

  • Generally, global cases are now above  39.8 million; deaths exceed 1.1 million
  • There has been a Covid-19 resurgence which has seen  the world central bankers stick to a gloomy outlook
  • Treating Covid-19 early can save many lives
  • There remains a challenge on the vaccine front with doubters casting fears and negatively affecting Covid-19 vaccine efforts



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