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Twenty Five Things About Sunburst Africa!



2014 is an important year for us at Sunburst Africa. It marked the birth of our three main newsletters: Stocks Under R100, Dividend Stock Advisor and Small Caps Champions. It is exciting times ahead and our principles remain the same. Here are some twenty five things to note about Sunburst Africa.

1. We believe in long term investment- buy and hold.

  1. “Buy and hold” doesn’t mean “buy and hold forever.”
    3. Complicated investing strategies are doomed to failure.
    4. Consistency in your investing approach is more im­por­tant than conviction.
    5. A well-rounded stock portfolio increases returns and reduces risk.
    6. Restaurant stocks often cause indigestion.
    7. Retail stocks often fall out of fashion.
    8. Buying dented canned goods from the discount shelf at the grocery store can be risky, just like buying dented stocks.
    9. Paying more than 1 percent of an investment in commission on any stock buy is throwing good money away.
    10. “Selling” is not a dirty word.
    11. Our investment newsletters are easy enough for High school students to learn, so why some of our readers fail to subscribe, these easy read newsletters are part of the world’s great mysteries.
    12. If you’re not analyzing stocks using our stock analysis tools, you’re not really analyzing stocks.
    13. Don’t buy stocks with very high price-earnings ratios.
    14. There’s a degree of luck involved in investing in stocks, but you can stack the odds by investing
    15. Experience gives you license to break the rules.
    16. Breaking the rules gives you experience, but probably not the kind that’ll make you feel very happy.
    17. It isn’t called “Sunburst Africa” without extremely good reason.
    18. We are a community made up of people who know how to buckle down and work.
    19. Buying stocks that are growing at ex­ces­sive rates is fun while it lasts, but the aftereffects
    can be brutal.
    20. If your portfolio keeps you up at night, you need to make adjustments — either to your holdings or to your attitude.
  2. Selling requires discipline, just like buying does.
    22. You’re never as much of an ex­pert as you think you are.
    23.  Giving people investment advice never works out. If you’re right, they take credit for being smart enough to listen to you; if you’re wrong, they blame you.
    24. Historical fundamental stock data isn’t a matter of fact but is often largely a matter of opinion and interpretation.
    25. Never forget — fundamental analysis has the word “fun” in it for a reason!

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