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US Failed Project in Afghanistan Exposed as Afghanistan Government Collapses and Taliban Take Kabul



The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani flees abroad following the intensification of the advance of  insurgents’ and evacuation by western governments including the USA

In Kabul, Taliban fighters on Sunday took over the Afghan capital forcing  President Ashraf Ghani to flee  abroad, leaving the government in collapse. The  U.S.-led military operation continued  to airlift Western diplomats, civilians and Afghans  and this mission could  be targeted by the country’s new rulers.

If the head and commander in-chief runs away, the Afghan security forces that were left behind were demoralized and offered no resistance as the insurgents, who seized most of the country in just over a week, appeared Sunday morning on Kabul’s outskirts. While the Taliban initially said they wouldn’t enter the capital while a transitional government is being formed, they reversed their stance by nightfall, saying that someone needed to maintain public order after Afghan police deserted their posts.

By evening, the main road to the Kabul airport—packed with Afghans desperately trying to escape and with thousands of U.S. troops protecting the evacuation effort—presented a bizarre scene of Taliban fighters mingling with uniformed Afghan troops.

Mr. Ghani, who fled the presidential palace and spent Sunday morning at the U.S. Embassy, left the Afghan capital in the afternoon.

This collapse of the Afghan government is clear evidence of the failed US project in Afghanistan and trillions of US tax payers resources spent for over 20years now.


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