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While Africa and most of the under developed world are yet to have the first Covid-19 Shot, the US Clears Third Covid Shot for Immune Compromised Patients



U.S. Clears Third Covid Shot for Immunocompromised Patients

The U.S. regulators cleared giving a third Covid-19 vaccine dose to people with weakened immune systems in an effort to improve protection for those with impaired responses to standard shots. South Africa that is home to a large proportion of HIV positive patients and other immune compromised persons will need the Covid-19 booster shots. However, the nation is still struggling to deliver the first and second shots to citizens followings months of delays, corruption, approvals of vaccines and other procurement issues.

The US authorisation of the booster shots applies to both Moderna Inc. and Pfizer Inc., with organ transplant recipients or those whose immune systems are similarly compromised covered, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s said in a statement late Thursday. Other fully vaccinated individuals don’t need an additional dose right now, the FDA said.


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