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  • Biggest funders of major political parties revealed
  • The DA’s Single biggest funder is Mary Slack- R15M, She is the heir to the Oppenheimer family wealth
  • While the ANC-South Africa’s biggest political parties have received millions of rands in donations.
  • Various firms have donated large amounts of money to the DA and ANC.
  • The EFF failed to submit its financial disclosures to the IEC.

It was revealed that various investment firms, security companies and the ultra-rich have all been pumping money into South Africa’s biggest political parties. According to the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) party funding disclosures report, some parties received up to R15 million from single donors.

During this period, two foreign entities made direct donations to the DA. It was from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme.

Below is the full list:


  • Martin Moshal – R2.5 million
  • Style Eyes of California (Pty) Ltd – R333 600
  • Black Like Me (Pty) Ltd – R121 490.26
  • Brahman Hills Proprietary Limited – R350 000


  • Majestic Silver Trading 40 (Pty) Ltd – R2.5 million
  • United Manganese of Kalahari – R5 million
  • Mr L Sibiya – R620 000
  • Tyeks Security – R100 000
  • Mr Cedric M Ntombela – R500 000
  • Nonkwelo Investment Holdings – R2 million


  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation – R499 595.15
  • Jacques Plaut – R100 000
  • Danish Liberal Democracy Programme – R184 156,33
  • Mary Slack – R15 million
  • Longlands Village (Pty) Ltd – R200 000

IEC vice-chairperson Janet Love said the international donations were compliant with requirements of the Act.

She also said Section 8 of the Act stipulates that donations must only be for the purposes of “training or skills development of a member of a political party, or policy development by a political party”.

“There was no breach or contravention of the Act in this regard detected at this stage,” Love said.

She, however, said two donors had failed to comply with the dual disclosure requirement.

“The donations affected are in relation to the ANC. Although the political party has made the declaration and therefore complied from its end, the donors had not complied with the requirement to separately declare the donation made.

“This means that the record includes what is referred to as single-legged donation reports. In this regard, the commission has issued a directive for the party to further pursue the donors for compliance,” she said.

“Failure to comply may have led to investigations and possible actions being pursued for non-compliance in relation to the specific donors. Since the publication of the report, there has been the necessary compliance.”


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